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Just as most manufacturers of vehicles, NSU had to participate in the defense industry during the second world war. We show the best-known products of this period such as the NSU Kettenkrad, which was regarded as the fastest tracked vehicle in this war ...   

A good brand is constantly striving to "make name all honor". One of the best promotions for good marketing is of course the success - as well as in world records and motorsports. NSU was well represented in both categories.

The period after the Second World War was the heyday of the motorcycles. NSU brand was at this time the world's largest producer of powered two-wheelers such as Fox, Lux and Max...

"The top seller" and most successful moped of all time was the inexpensive "Quickly", available in many designs. We show a colorful selection of them.  

We show the complete series of NSU postwar automobiles from Prinz1 to K70 in a special way. In order to better soak up the design of each model in the course of time, these are all to see the original NSU "glacier white".

Even in the post-war exhibition section motors and teaching models of the NSU brand are shown ...

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