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The world's only permanent exhibition regarding Wankel`s rotary engine shows rare vehicles produced in Europe as well as the series of Japanese Wankel licensee MAZDA, starting with the rare "Cosmo Sport".

In its first presentation at the IAA 1967,  the NSU RO80 was titeled an innovative car and has graced the covers of almost all auto magazines . Reasons for this were its low CW value and the very modern design. The original section of this vehicles first presentation can be admired only in the museum AUTOVISION!

Information desks, teaching models and large displays explain everything you need to know about the real career of Felix Wankel's idea through to today`s development of the rotary engine.  

The world's only rotary permanent exhibition attracts visitors and enthusiasts from around the world to Altlussheim in the AUTOVISION ...

You can see about 80 Wankel engines into our Wankel exhibition, many of them are rare unique items from the time of the first rotary piston test benches...

The Wankel engine also found its place into some motorcycles. The AUTOVISION shows "Wankel bikes" of Hercules, Norton and Suzuki, as well as the extremely rare Van Veen OCR 1000, which is equipped with a Citroen Birotor automotive Wankel engine ...

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